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Next Generation Academy

Next Generation Academy NGA (Next Generation Academy) is a series of mod packs developed for Klingon Academy (KA) to bring it into the TNG (The Next Generation) universe. To do this, the NGA staff has created TNG specs and balanced all ships to these new specs. Many of the ships featured are previous releases that have been modified to meet the TNG specs, others are completely new.

Romulan Dawn

Romulan Dawn Romulan Dawn is themed around a Romulan Academy concept. Attend the Elite Command Academy on Romulus, known only to a select few commanders. Situated high in the mountains near the capital city, you will learn deception, cunning and the Romulan way of command. Once you have graduated, engage your Academy techniques in the ultimate story of the Romulan Empire, closing in on its Federation adversaries.

Klingon Academy DVD!

Klingon Academy DVD!Starfleet Academy got a DVD edition, but Klingon Academy got shafted and never received one. Well, now it is possible to build a DVD version of the Klingon Academy game using your original KA CD's! Visit this page at klingonacademy.com to get all the details on how to build it.

Klingon Academy Modern OS Patch!

Klingon Academy Modern OS Patch! Fellow KA enthusiast Komat has published two updates for Klingon Academy that fixes some major game-breaking issues that has plagued the game on multi-core machines with modern operating systems! Now KA can be played in it's former glory, free of fire lag, screen flashes and constant crashing! Visit this page at Komat's website to get all the details.


January 2011 Updates

January 2011 UpdatesMy last update was exactly 4 years ago on this date and cooincidence would have it that I would receive a broadcast email from the klingonacademy.com site informing me about Komat's patches which makes KA playable once again!. I had pretty much given up on playing the game as well as writing new mission content because of my previous inability to run the game on modern hardware. Thanks to Komat I can finally play this great game once more and perhaps even play around with the mission scripting again when time permits.

I have made some minor updates to the main page which includes details about Komat's KA patches for Modern OS, fixing broken content links to klingonacademy.com resources, and removal of community links that no longer exist.

- Brian

[ Posted Thursday January 20, 2011 ]

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